For your convenience, Coach Tilda offers 100% personal online training programs that fit you and your goals. All programs start with an initial consultation that covers goal setting, medical and fitness history, current fitness status and an action plan. Each program is built individually and is fully detailed. The programs are sent once a month with a monthly call/Skype call to review your training and progress. Unlimited email contact with a response within 24 hours.


  • Fully customized training programs with ongoing updates and support.
  • Flexibility- you have all the support and benefits of working with a personal trainer without having to meet on a regular schedule.
  • Financially- it’s less expensive than meeting with your trainer yet you still get their full support.


  • Personal Fitness Training (Weight loss, Muscle gain, General Fitness)
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness – Individual Programs for every stage of the Pregnancy to help you be a healthy and STRONGMom
  • Endurance Coaching (Triathlon, Running and Cycling)
  • 6 weeks Total Fitness Challenge (see below for more info)

The Online Program can also be combined with Personal Training and Massage Therapy packages.


There is a 3 month minimum enrollment for Online Training.

If this is your first online training session there is a $150 fee to get started. Please pay below:

If you have completed your first month of online training, please sign up for monthly payment of $125/month below:

6 Week Total Fitness Challenge

This complete online fitness challenge focuses on clean eating and exercises as well as a healthy mindset and attitude. Daily support and motivation is provided to help you stay focused and on track. You get all the information you’ll need for success!

    The challenge includes

  • 6 weeks of Clean Meal Plans (Dietician Approved)
  • Recipes and grocery lists
  • 6 weeks Fully Personalized Training Schedule
  • Before and After fitness assessments and pictures
  • Initial consultation, weekly check in and final assessment.

The cost of this challenge is $299. Please pay below: