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Testimonial- Lisa

After two tough pregnancies with reoccurring Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), my lower back and core was really weak and unstable. I was afraid of working out and make my problems worse. With help of Tilda and her expertise in postpartum fitness I was able to slowly and safely build up my body again. Tilda has … Continued

Testimonial- Kay

Working with Tilda as both a massage therapist and personal trainer, has given me a foundation I’d never had before. The workouts, customized for me have held over time. This was not a fast fix, but a process that I was able to incorporate into my lifestyle. My life is active again, and the culture … Continued

Testimonial- Dawn

Tilda is wonderful. I’m a newbie to the gym and she’s given me a solid foundation of exercise routines and good form to build my core and upper body strength. She helped me find muscles I wasn’t sure existed anymore!  Now, whether I’m working the machines at the gym, getting in a workout at home, in … Continued

Testimonial- Ulrika

After many years of feeling both mentally and physically bad I finally took the first step to do something about it. The scale showed over 100kg (220lbs) and I knew that I had to fully commit if I was going to succeed. Coach Tilda helped me set realistic goals and wrote a manageable training plan. … Continued

Testimonial- Octavio

Tilda is an amazing coach and a super nice person. She got me ready for a couple of half marathons and my very first Olympic and half Ironman distance triathlon. A fantastic training plan and superb coaching along with her extensive knowledge of triathlons helped me finish strong. I cannot wait for next year when … Continued