Coach Tilda TRX Videos

TRX Warm Up TRX Step 1 Squats, Wide Squats with Heel Raises, Side Steps, Curtsey Sprinters, Side Lunges Shoulders – Low Row, High Row, Reverse Fly, WS Chest Press (Push Ups) Bicep Curls, Tricep Press Ab Roll Outs, Half Moons, Single Arm Moons Side Trunk Rotation, Side Dips, Side Ab Roll Outs Side Planks, Dips, … Continued

Coach Tilda Core Videos

Heel Drop Belly Drop Bird Dog Dying Bug Side Planks with Rotation and Dips Mountain Climber, Rotation, Side Tap Trunk Rotation with Band and Pallof Press Foam Roller- Heel Drop, Rocking, and Leg Reach Pilates Ball- Combo Pilates Ball- Lean Back with Hip Thrust