Coach Tilda grew up with a very active lifestyle and started competing in running and cross country skiing at age 6. Ever since then she has been an athlete and competed on a high level as a triathlete, runner and cyclist. Coach Tilda has over 15 years of coaching experience and that, combined with her own experience as an athlete, has helped her coach many successful athletes.

All coaching is 100% individualized- built just for you and your ability.
Coaching packages can be done 100% online or as a combination of one on one training and an online program. Coaching packages can also be combined with massage therapy.

    Endurance coaching for beginners, amateurs and athletes
    Triathlon coaching for Sprint Distance, Olympic Distance, Half Ironman (70.3), and Full Ironman (140.6)
    Running coaching for 5K, 10K, Half Marathon (13.1 miles), Full Marathon (20.6 miles)
    Cycling coaching for Half Century and Full Century

Triathlon Program

Coach Tilda did her first triathlon in 1992 and ever since then she has been in love with the sport. She went to the one and only Triathlon High School Program back in Sweden and during those three years she learned a lot about triathlon training and coaching. She has done multiple half and full Ironmans and qualified for a half Ironman World Championship. She coaches all athletes from beginners to amateurs as well as all distances. She will not only help you with a training program, she will also help with equipment, race specific nutrition and exercises to help you stay strong and free from injuries.

Running Program

Coach Tilda is a USA Track and Field Level 1 certified coach with a focus on endurance running. She has been running her whole life and grew up racing track and field and cross country running. Regardless of your level the programs are individualized and built for your ability. That can help you improve quickly yet in a healthy way and that helps you to stay injury free.

She will help you prepare for a specific race or a whole season. The program also includes goal setting, strength training and stretching specific for running, taper/race day preparations and training/racing nutrition.

Cycling Program

Regardless whether your are new to cycling or an avid cyclist Coach Tilda can help you improve your cycling. She has been riding for over 20 years and done countless centuries and double centuries. All levels will benefit from a detailed program, strength training and stretches specific for cycling and training/racing nutrition.