For your convenience, Coach Tilda offers 100% personal online training programs that fit you and your goals.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Online Assessment
  • Weekly Email Check-In
  • Monthly 20 min Phone Check-In
  • Unlimited Email contact
  • 3 month minimum commitment including initial month
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellation must be received 2 weeks prior to when the next schedule is released.


  • Fully customized training programs with ongoing updates and support.
  • Flexibility- you have all the support and benefits of working with a personal trainer without having to meet on a regular schedule.
  • Financially- it’s less expensive than meeting with your trainer yet you still get their full support.


  • Personal Fitness Training (Weight loss, Muscle gain, General Fitness)
  • Pre/Post Natal Fitness – Individual Programs for every stage of the Pregnancy to help you be a healthy and STRONGMom
  • Endurance Coaching (Triathlon, Running and Cycling)
  • 6 weeks Total Fitness Challenge (see below for more info)

The Online Program can also be combined with Personal Training and Massage Therapy packages.


There is a 3 month minimum enrollment for Online Training.

If this is your first online training session there is a $250 fee to get started. Please pay below:

If you have completed your first month of online training, please sign up for monthly payment of $199/month below:

6 Week Total Fitness Challenge

This complete online fitness challenge focuses on clean eating and exercises as well as a healthy mindset and attitude. Daily support and motivation is provided to help you stay focused and on track. You get all the information you’ll need for success!

    The challenge includes

  • 6 weeks of Clean Meal Plans (Dietician Approved)
  • Recipes and grocery lists
  • 6 weeks Fully Personalized Training Schedule
  • Before and After fitness assessments and pictures
  • Initial consultation, weekly check in and final assessment.

The cost of this challenge is $299. Please pay below: