Does your daughter want to excel in her sport by focusing on improving her performance, building a resilient body and mind, and minimizing the risk of injuries?

Then look no further! Our sports performance training program is designed to help young athletes like your daughter enhance their athletic abilities, develop a strong physique and mindset, minimize the risk of injuries, and unlock their full potential in their sport. Through a combination of dynamic workouts, tailored nutrition guidance, and mental conditioning, our program focuses on every aspect necessary for athletic success. Give your daughter the opportunity to excel and achieve her goals with our comprehensive sports performance training program.

  • The 6-week program is designed to gradually increase in intensity and difficulty to ensure proper progression and adaptation. It includes a combination of bodyweight exercises, resistance band exercises, and plyometric exercises to challenge and strengthen the muscles in the lower body.
  • By participating in the STRONG Girls Sport prehab program, athletes can expect to see improvements in their performance and a decreased risk of injury. Strong, stable lower body muscles will enhance their ability to run faster, jump higher, change direction quickly, and maintain balance during dynamic movements.
  • Overall, STRONG Girls Sport prehab is a comprehensive program that empowers female athletes to take control of their physical health by proactively preventing injuries and building a strong foundation for their sport.


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