Introducing STRONGMom by Coach Tilda: Your Solution to a Pain-Free and Healthy Pregnancy!

Are you currently pregnant or recently postpartum and struggling to find the right exercise plan to maintain your physical and mental strength? Do you want to avoid pain, discomfort, and complications during your pregnancy and postpartum journey? Look no further, because STRONGMom is here to guide you!

STRONGMom by Coach Tilda is a comprehensive program designed to optimize your pregnancy and motherhood experience. I focus on prehab, rehab, and thriving throughout this incredible journey. 

  • Strong and Healthy Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum: My program helps you build both mental and physical strength, ensuring you have the energy and stamina required for the demands of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Pain-Free Living: With my expert guidance, you’ll learn how to prevent and alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts, allowing you to enjoy this special time without unnecessary pain and limitations.
  • Easier Recovery: By following our exercise plan and techniques, you’ll enhance your postpartum recovery process, minimizing complications and ensuring a smoother return to your pre-pregnancy activities.


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